Aquarius sign with Scorpio rising

What a contrasting temperament! You keep on vacillating between the will to free yourself from low instincts, or on the contrary, the will to analyze the complexity of the world and delve into the innermost depths of the human soul. If it’s any consolation, bear in mind that your Sun sign and Ascendant sign share the same perseverance, lack of flexibility, unflinching individualism, and nonconformism. They are not afraid to shock the members of their entourage, and on the contrary, they observe with indifference or amusement the reactions caused by their behaviour and their words. You deem it important to call people, and yourself, into question. However, you do not immediately show your hypersensitive facet. Indeed, people who meet you for the first time notice only the influence of your Scorpio Ascendant and think that you are a rather calm and secretive person with a mindset which is more tactical than spontaneous. You select your friends very carefully, and you offer them your loyalty, but owing to your Aquarius Sun, you always keep some distance and the detachment required for your freedom, because this is what you value more than anything else. [source]


Aquarius/Scorpio rising is sort of a strange blend. 

Your Aquarius sign overrules Scorpio’s limitation, you won’t keep your thoughts and feelings about things or people to yourself.

On one hand you’ll have a heightened need to verbalize how you feel and this helps to keep you happier.

On the other hand, you can be stubborn, narrow-minded and biased about your sentiments and this will surely mess with your relationships with others.

If you let Scorpio’s sexual influence take hold of you, you may have relationships that are of a fleeting, physical nature with people you would never want to date.

Aquarius seems to be a go-with-the-flow type, but Aquarius is just as uncompromising as Scorpio.

Don’t ask Aquarius/Scorpio about politics, politicians, government or societal and moral issues, if you don’t want to hear an earful. 

Aquarius isn’t timid about their deep views and those views will be passionate.

Aquarius/Scorpio moves in numerous social circles, but they don’t trust Government or the Feds. 

The only times they even think of politics is to object to whatever Politicos are doing… that figures. [source]

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