Aquarius sign with Pisces rising

You always seem to be elsewhere… It is most probably because this sign combination matches your general behaviour. Aquarius and Pisces are winter signs waiting for better days, and while Aquarius anticipates with hope, Pisces welcomes the upcoming spring with an ambiguous blend of apprehension and feverish happiness. This might explain their need to imagine a world which is closer to their aspirations, as well as their deep indifference to their humdrum life. Owing to your Pisces Ascendant, your flexibility and your compassion arouse people’s sympathy and confidence, and you are thought to be malleable and good-natured. Both Aquarius and Pisces offer you the gift of intuition and prompt you to prefer the eternal and idealistic aspect of people and things rather than concrete and current appearances. You are disconcerting, elusive, and unpredictable, and you fascinate everyone, but you must be careful not to lose your credibility. Aquarius is a bit crazy and appreciates newness and weirdness, while Pisces is attracted by irrational and mysterious matters. Owing to your Aquarius Sun, you may lack intellectual tolerance, and your constant will to ignore hurdles or criticisms may prove very damaging. Fortunately, this dry and cerebral facet is offset by Pisces’ natural sensitivity and empathy. [source]


Aquarius is a kooky renegade. Pisces people can be hard to read. 

An Aquarius/Pisces is adept at reading people. 

Aquarius/Pisces rising always seems to be somewhere else, this is natural to an Aquarius and Pisces personality.

Aquarius is a Positive/Masculine Star sign; Pisces is a Negative/Feminine Star sign. The Aquarian influence may be slightly diminished by Pisces.

An Aquarius/Pisces is emotionally open, pliant and tender. 

An Aquarius/Pisces is honorable. 

Aquarius/Pisces rising is trustworthy. 

An Aquarius/Pisces expects people to do the best that they can and when they fall short Aquarius/Pisces is sympathetic to their human failings.

An Aquarius/Pisces rising is inspired to think out of the box in all things. 

They have a knack for coming up with fresh ideas. 

Aquarius/Pisces is an avid…everything. This leads other people to think Aquarius/Pisces is a jack of all trades and master of none. However, when they choose to be, they can be more determined to achieve than other people think.

Aquarius and Pisces are late winter zodiac signs, they’re waiting for that nicer day, that dream in the future. 

Aquarius looks to the promise of the future while Pisces waits with an anxious yet excited spirit.

This eye towards the future should explain why Aquarius/Pisces is idealistic in their belief that the world can be a better place. 

This also explains why Aquarius/Pisceans have no time or inclination to deal with the mundane things of life.

Aquarians have lots of friends; their friends aren’t just buddies, they come in categories. 

There are partners in crime- for fun, there are intellectual friends- to achieve goals, there are activist comrades- to save the world.

Pisces is drawn by the absurd and mystical. 

An Aquarius/Pisces may have one more category of friends, spiritual ones- to discuss the intangible things-(the Soul, why are we here, is there a God). [source]

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